Intellicess has spent more than 10 years developing its sophisticated systems utilizing explainable Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) and is uniquely positioned to offer the drilling industry optimized real-time intelligence in all areas of well construction process.  Further, Intellicess provides consulting and boutique R&D on-demand, for whatever your technology development service needs might be.


Intellicess engineers can use their expertise to evaluate your organization’s readiness to extract value from drilling data and to develop recommendations for data aggregation and data quality improvement. They can also analyze historical drilling datasets to provide practical suggestions for future wells and provide training on the most efficient methods for analyzing large datasets. Intellicess can also support, via inexpensive tools, the ability for organization to conduct big data analyses internally and can develop new models per your requirements.


The current general consensus is that deploying AI/ML models into your rig site drilling advisory ecosystem is a beneficial approach to optimizing drilling operations.  However, did you know that across numerous industries it is estimated that over 85% of all AI projects fail, 70% of companies report minimal or no impact from their AI initiative, and 87% of data science projects never make it into production? This is largely due to companies underestimating the complexity and sophistication of deploying AI/ML successfully.  This is why Intellicess is now offering its AI/ML boutique R&D and deployment expertise to other companies in the oil and gas industry.

Backed by over a decade of data science research, software development and change management support, Intellicess understands the difficulties of deploying AI models into drilling operations, as well as the subtle, but crucial nuances of a company’s overall operational environment.  Our team begins by understanding your unique goals, creating a scalable framework, and then building, iterating, and testing in collaboration with your team, to deliver a solution that can quickly and effectively deliver ROI.

If you feel developing AI solutions from scratch isn’t the most effective or expeditious means to solving immediate drilling problems, Intellicess also has a number of tools and software applications it can deploy into your ecosystem immediately that can dramatically accelerate your time to production, while continuously working collaboratively with your team up to, during, and beyond launch, to assist the deployment of your own unique internally developed AI solution.