• The primary goal with this advisory is to alert drillers, directional drillers, well site supervisors and drilling engineers, to dysfunctions that may be happening that is not always easy to detect without real-time models or pattern recognition algorithms. 

    At its core, there is an index (between 0 and 1) called Slide Optimal Drilling Index that provides an indication of whether a dysfunction might be happening or not. In addition, separate beliefs track individual drilling dysfunctions. While we have not covered slide stick slip (motor stall) and slide bit bounce in these posts, we invite the reader to look into SPE-205984-MS and SPE-210105-MS for some additional perspectives on these dysfunctions.

    Slide 2 contains a table with corrective actions that can be taken for these drilling dysfunctions. Slide 3 shows an intuitive means of communicating this to the driller through the use of a Cone on a Diff Pressure/Flow Rate grid.

    Corrections for bad toolface control is generally best left to the directional driller who is more knowledgeable about local formations and has experience working in that area. However, they appreciate being alerted to excessive pipe rocking as that can be one reason for poor toolface control. The pipe rocking friction indicator shown in Slide 4 is a simple graphical advisory feature that displays in real-time the estimated percentage of the drillstring that is in dynamic friction. The percentage of the drillstring that is in dynamic friction is colored green (Slide 4).

    Sentinel RT automatically detects the rocking period and RPM from the real-time channels to make the percentage calculation. Slide 5 and 6 provide some clues on how this can be done. Of course, this can also be directly obtained from some pipe rocking systems, but the goal here was to be more generic to be applicable to any pipe rocking system. That is all on directional drilling advisory for now.

    Next week, we will delve into some automatic data quality checking routines we utilize inside Sentinel RT to improve real-time data analysis. As always stay tuned. 

    For slides on this topic click below:

    DD Advisory – Corrective Actions