• What do you imagine the future of drilling to be? Will there be more automation? Will the automation solutions on a rig come from one vendor, or multiple vendors? Do you believe interoperability between the vendors will become commonplace? Will one company supervise all automation solutions? Will automating one part of the operation lead to problems somewhere else? For example, we don’t want to automate and drill a well in record time, only to get stuck during a casing run. Right?

    As more drilling automation solutions get deployed, there will be an even greater need to provide the rig site crew with better situational awareness. This is needed to be able to recover from a process badly executed by the automation system (sometimes the automation system does not know it is harming the overall operation). For reference, Slide 3 shows a few other industries where situational awareness is considered paramount especially when automation fails.

    Sentinel RT through its more than 20 Bayesian network models was developed to be able to provide this type of situational awareness for a drilling operation. More importantly, it was built such that it can be easily integrated into your own rig or cloud-based platform (Slide 4). Check out our website for more information.

    Next week we will go into change management. So stay tuned.

    For slides on this topic click below:

    Situational Awareness

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