Intellicess is dedicated to the analysis and optimization of your big data in real-time. We also stand ready to provide full integration and support services while we collaboratively embed our products into your software, work flows and environment.


A Modular Solution Tailored to Suit Your Needs

We appreciate that every company is unique and we understand that change management must be carefully planned. To ensure its successful implementation and subsequent value, various stakeholders, including drillers, supervisors, engineers, managers and others within the company must embrace the concept of real-time drilling advisory software.

Our backend engine is modular and can be seamlessly embedded into your current workflow and data visualization ecosystem. To facilitate that process, Intellicess provides integration services at all levels. At the basic level, we can help design the overall integration architecture and provide you with a blue print for executing the integration with your internal and external resources. For greater support, we can perform the actual integration coding and can build the visualizations. To provide you optimal value generation from drilling data analysis, we provide whatever level of support is required to ensure successful integration of our Sentinel RT backend engine.


Expert Guidance & Support at Your Service

We understand that drilling data can be large and messy. Intellicess has designed numerous methods that can help you extract maximum value from your assets through data analysis. We can:

  • Evaluate your organization’s readiness to extract value from drilling data and provide recommendations to improve data aggregation and data quality.
  • Analyze your historical drilling datasets to provide actionable suggestions for future wells.
  • Provide training on the most efficient methods for analyzing large datasets and provide you with inexpensive tools with which you can conduct your own big data analyses internally.


Field Operation Support

RigDAP™ is an opportunity for your organization’s innovation team to get your ideas into the field.  Are you interested in transitioning to a new electronic data recorder, of have any idea how to utilize a new suite of sensors?  RigDAP™ provides a platform for new ideas and methodologies to be implemented in the field.  Our engineers and technicians have extensive experience deploying drilling advisory platforms at the drill site, connecting it to the various data sources, training the field personnel on its use, monitoring and reporting on progress, and collaborating with management.