Intellicess’ Union product allows Operators, Contractors, Oilfield Tools/Services providers, and any other necessary personnel a secure and seamless data transmission portal in order to optimize the flow of information across drilling operations.

  • Operators’ data can be electronically transferred by Service providers directly to Operators’ data lakes, minimizing human involvement, manual reentry of data, and ultimately, drilling costs.
  • For those Service providers who are not yet ready to invest in WITSML infrastructure, they can now capture a competitive edge by offering an electronic data transfer service to the Operator (compared to competitors who find themselves forced to still send pdf files and excel sheets via email).
  • Operators can share contextual data/well plan with their service providers – in an automated way – for real-time and improved operational efficiency.

Union is currently being offered free of charge during its beta test period.

Please visit https://www.theunion.cloud/ for more information.