Sentinel RT® Lite

Sentinel RT® Lite is a slimmed down, free version of Sentinel RT® Flex that provides real-time rig state calculations for use with any third-party analytics package.

Sentinel RT® Lite is a Bayesian Network-Based real-time rig state back-end engine that performs with greater than 98% Accuracy and includes real-time slip-to-slip and weight-to-weight outputs. The system integrates into the user’s software, runs on any platform, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It can be used in any workflow or system and is free of charge for commercial use.

The Sentinel RT® Lite is also EDR agnostic and can be used on the edge or the cloud. A one-time integration fee may apply depending on complexity of deployment. Email for additional details.

If you would like to trial Sentinel RT® SaaS Lite, please visit our GitHub repository.

GitHub – IntellicessInc/sentinel-rt-lite-saas