Sentinel RT® SaaS

Hosted by Intellicess, Sentinel RT® SaaS is a cloud-based drilling advisory server able to receive and process raw drilling data. The system then makes the processed results available for consumption by the end user.

Sentinel RT® SaaS real-time calculations include:

  • Rig state, weight-to-weight and slip-to-slip summaries
  • Drilling, tripping, hole-cleaning dysfunction, pump failure and washout, abnormal gain/loss and mud motor stall detection
  • Torque and drag, downlinking monitoring
  • Cone drilling advisory
  • Surge and swab, WOB and TOB, ECD and wellbore tortuosity modeling
  • Event alerts
  • Data quality monitoring and cleansing

Users of Sentinel RT® SaaS reap the benefits of the system’s 10+ years in development using data science, easy integration into the user’s software and workflows, quicker utilization of analytics, models that self-adjust and update automatically, reduced costs and increased safety through more efficient drilling. Sentinel RT® SaaS users also gain significant advantages that help enable their move towards automation and remote operations.

Application programming interfaces are available to push raw data to servers and to receive processed results. Sentinel RT® SaaS is available to operators, drilling contractors, service providers, consultants, academia, regulators, and others through monthly subscriptions.

Please visit our GitHub repository if you would like to trial Sentinel RT® SaaS Lite.

GitHub – IntellicessInc/sentinel-rt-lite-saas