RigDAP™ is a software platform that can be deployed on an edge computer to aggregate sensor data from rigs, connect to existing field EDR, control systems and custom sensors, etc. It also provides a local user interface and pushes data collected at the rig site to central offices, where RigDAP™ manages the archiving of data storage. A web-based user interface is also available to allow users to visualize all data stored in the central office.

Technical features available through RigDAP™ include:

  • Preset operational screens for drilling and tripping.
  • Time and depth view.
  • Security through active-directory and LDAP integration, individual well access restriction, thin-client deployment (server installation only), mobile access and an internet DMZ gateway.
  • Custom traces for WITS and high-speed data, operator comments and annotations, cross-plot, torque and drag, and 3D wellbore.
  • Customizable features include custom horizontal and vertical traces, real-time rig state detection, toolface Rosebud chart, mud logging and formation plots, LAS import/CSV export, screenshots sent to corporate email, up to 24 traces viewable per page.
  • Embedded with Sentinel RT® Flex.

RigDAP™ users are provided with an open-source data aggregation platform and preset screens that make it easy to get started, easily added custom screens and custom analytics. Additionally, RigDAP™ can be connected to control systems to enable rig automation.

For optimal performance, RigDAP™ requires an edge device having 16 GB RAM and an 8-core processor and is available to operators, drilling contractors, service providers, etc. through a software licensing agreement.

Visit www.rigdap.com for more information