• Sentinel RT is a drilling belief engine. How does that help on a drilling rig?

    Humans generally make decisions and act on choices based on their beliefs. They tend to form beliefs on a whole variety of topics, over their lifetime, starting right from their childhood. Past events, actions and the outcomes of such actions, the environment they grew up in, the knowledge they gathered through traditional learning, work, and life experiences all contribute to their belief system. When new events occur (new evidence), human either alter their previously held beliefs or strengthen them. These beliefs form the basis for their choices and decisions. Drillers, drilling engineers, well site supervisors all have their own such belief system with regards to drilling operations, which in turn guide their decisions and actions.

    The Sentinel RT belief system acts to guide the drilling crew in their decisions during well construction operation. Over the course of this year, we will on this platform share more information on the drilling belief system, and its inner workings. Stay tuned.

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    Drilling Belief System