Human Factors Engineering in the Design and Deployment of a Novel Data Aggregation and Distribution System for Drilling Operations

written by: Behounek M, Thetford T, Yang L, Hofer E, White M, Ashok P, Ambrus A, and Ramos D.

Paper SPE 184743, presented at the SPE/IADC Drilling Conference and Exhibition, The Hague, The Netherlands, March 14–16, 2017. Automated monitoring software only adds value when end users follow up with actions based on the information and knowledge derived from it. Within the drilling process, such follow through is dependent on a few key personnel on…


A Step by Step Approach to Improving Data Quality in Drilling Operations: Field Trials in North America

written by: Ashok P, Ambrus A, Ramos D, Lutteringer J, Behounek M, Yang YL, Thetford T, and Weaver T.

Paper SPE 181076, presented at the SPE Intelligent Energy International Conference and Exhibition, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, September 6–8, 2016. Multiple literature studies have indicated that a significant amount of data collected during drilling operations is unreliable. To move towards better data quality, two critical hurdles need to be overcome. First, the case for the value…


Automatic Sensor Data Validation: Improving the Quality and Reliability of Rig Data

written by: Ashok P, van Oort E, and Ambrus A.

Paper SPE-163726, presented at the SPE Digital Energy Conference, The Woodlands, Texas, March 5–7. The hostile and uncertain environment in which sensors are used and the low priority typically given to regular calibration of these sensors are the primary reasons for poor quality drilling data. Today, online streaming of sensor data from primary sensors on…