Intellicess was founded in Austin, TX, to commercialize technology spun out of the University of Texas which was initially developed for nuclear submarines.  Today, Intellicess creates pioneering products and supporting services for the oil and gas industry to solve our customers’ problems, tailored to their unique environments.  With multiple clients utilizing numerous rigs, both land and offshore, and having been utilized on over 1,500 wells and counting, Intellicess has a proven track record of results with a customer-centric approach.  Today, Intellicess provides two flagship solutions: SentinelRT® and RigDAP™.


In today’s drilling environment, a multitude of sensors produce unmanageable amounts of data, even though drilling engineers are being tasked to make instantaneous decisions based on this data. The SentinelRT® system cleanses, processes, and analyzes immense amounts of data quickly and accurately, turning it into real-time information. This enables your rig and office personnel to make confident drilling decisions immediately to improve drilling efficiency, deliver optimal wellbores, and reduce invisible lost time (ILT). SentinelRT® is powerful and fully customizable to the specific needs of your unique ecosystem and workflows.


In conjunction with our partner, Tatsoft, Intellicess now offers an entirely open-source data aggregation and drilling advisory platform, which has allowed the industry to make an incremental jump closer to complete drilling automation. The RigDAP™ platform is agnostic to the type of user, analytical software, electronic data recorder, or environmental workflow and provides the first truly flexible approach to real-time streaming-data analysis.  The RigDAP™ solution also allows for expanded functionality, like centralized monitoring distributed production assets, ESRI maps, real-time weather overlay, real-time status of key field variables, advanced trend charts and annotations tool, event notification, along with extensive customization capabilities.  Find out more about RigDAP™: