The Industry’s First

Plug & Play A.I. Software

for Drilling Rigs

In today’s drilling environment, operators, rig contractors and service providers have access to more data than ever before. To unleash its vast potential value, it is critical that this data be scrubbed and analyzed in real-time. However, the ability to do so and to then utilize this information in a meaningful way and extract cost savings, has eluded the industry. Until now.

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Real-Time Drilling Data Analysis

Sentinel RT ™ is a robust plug & play A.I. backend engine able to perform real-time streaming-data analysis. Sentinel RT ™ can be seamlessly integrated into your drilling data ecosystem, at the rig or in the office, onshore or offshore.  What sets Sentinel RT ™ apart from its competition is a highly sophisticated data-cleansing algorithm built upon platform technology that uses a Bayesian network to differentiate between sensor and process faults in complex systems.

Decision Support Through Machine Generated Beliefs

An inherent part of human nature is forming beliefs around what they experience in their environment. These fundamental beliefs form the basis for the construct of decision making.  Sentinel RT ™ works in a similar way.  Through a combination of physics-centered and data-based models, Sentinel RT ™ generates beliefs about rig states, whether sensors are faulty, if there is a drilling or tripping dysfunction, kick, lost circulation event, washout, etc. These Sentinel RT ™ generated beliefs enable superior decision making at the rig and in the office in real-time. Click here for more information on Intellicess’s Belief System for better drilling management.