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for Drilling Rigs

In today’s drilling environment, operators, rig contractors and service providers have access to more data than ever before. To unleash its vast potential value, it is critical that this data be scrubbed and analyzed in real-time. However, the ability to do so and to then utilize this information in a meaningful way and extract cost savings, has eluded the industry. Until now.

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SentinelRT®: Real-Time Drilling Data Analysis Engine

SentinelRT®, lntellicess’s core product offering, performs real-time drilling data analysis and decision support through a computer generated belief system. SentinelRT’s® plug-and-play backend program has an innovative detection and alerting methodology, which utilizes probabilistic and physics-based models along with past and present trends to form rig state beliefs, as well as process and sensor fault beliefs, to enhance real-time decision making. SentinelRT® also uses sophisticated data cleansing capabilities to enable detection and subsequent reduction of difficult-to-detect invisible lost time (ILT) and automates labor-intensive processes used to traditional identify such drilling inefficiencies. Further, the software reduces non-productive time (NPT) by identifying events before they impact drilling operations. When used in conjunction with lntellicess Cone Drilling methodology, it can not only automatically detect drilling dysfunction, but also suggest drilling parameters to correct them. SentinelRT® runs on any operating system and can be delivered via daily rig rates, and/or enterprise licensing model. 

RigDAP™: Rig Based Platform to Implement Your Analytics

RigDAP™, is a joint product offering with our business partner Tatsoft, LLC, and comes with SentinelRT® embedded in it. It is an open platform technology that aggregates real-time data generated at the rig, connecting with existing field EDRs and also directly with sensors or control systems, providing a local interface at the rig for data storage and drilling advisory. It also replicates the data at central offices, where it manages the archiving to your long-term data storage, such as OSlsoft Pl, Microsoft Azure, or others. Maybe most importantly, RigDAP™ allows your own data analytics to be run at the rig site, thereby allowing you to dictate customized workflows based upon your unique corporate processes and strengths. Being a SCADA platform, RigDAP™ helps future-proof your drilling performance improvements and enables you to transition seamlessly from a drilling advisory mode to drilling automation. Learn more at